A production process always "under control"

Within its departments, MILANI MEC has set up a production process with cutting-edge technical and logistical solutions that are updated constantly and continuously, and allow the company full control over the work process.

MILANI MEC operates in support of its customers in the development of components pertaining to various sectors, such as the chemical, pharmaceutical and railway sectors.


- Continuos milling on 5 axes
- CNC and traditional milling on 3 axes
- CNC and traditional motorized turning
- Tangential grinding
- Flat lapping
- Laser marking
- Shot blasting with sand
- Sandblasting with corundum
- Braze welding

OPEN-MIND Technology

The strong push towards innovation has allowed MILANI MEC to invest in front-leading technology, such as the OPEN MIND software, which also communicates in 3D with latest-generation milling machinery on 3 and 5 axes and motorized turning.